TSF Libraries

TSF Libraries generally come with their own documentation (usually generated from the TSF Library XML. In the case of the ATML Demo program the TSF libraries available are:


In order to validate the use of any TSF the schema location of the TSF Library XMLSchema(.xsd) file must be declared. Different applications and validators can do this in a variety of ways however the use of the xsi:schemaLocation is a classic way by which the location of the TSF Library schema can be given to the Test Description to allow XML validation to proceed.

Note: multiple declarations of xsi:schemaLocation may not work with all valdiators, its best to ensure that the top level declaration of schemaLocations contains all the locations.


Provides a way for Test Description to identify the specific libraries it's using, and also to identify the locations TSF library schema and the TSF library 'xml', which may be in different places Generally TsfLibraries should be completed as it helps identify extra information as well as which XMLSchemas refer to only TSF Libraries.

- <td:TsfLibraries>
- <td:TsfLibrary ID="3" name="STDTSFLib">
- <td:TsfLibrary ID="5" name="ATMLDemo4TSFLib">