Signal Requirements

Signal Requirements provide an overview of all the signals needed to test the UUT. They represent the minimum set of signals needed so that a user or application can 'quickly' identify the type of signals and resources they may need to test the UUT. The core use-case for Signal Requirements comes from the TPS TRD documentation.

There are several 'potential' traps when using Signal requirements and Signal Operations, that are worth highlighting here

The ATML demo provides a simple example duplicating the power supply 12V signal.

- <td:SignalRequirements>
- <td:SignalRequirement role="Source">
  <td:TsfClass tsfLibraryID="1" tsfClassName="DC_SIGNAL" />
- <td:TsfClassAttribute role="Control">
- <td:Value>
  <c:Datum xsi:type="c:double" standardUnit="V" value="12.0" />