Test description

Test description example

One of the key aspects of using ATML has been to capture Test Requirements for the UUT with a ATML Test Description and 'convert' the Test Description into (or as close as we can) a run-able Test Program. As part of the ATML demonstration the Test Description file (ATMLDemo2(1.0.4)(sv2.02)(2017).xml) has undergone several revisions and phases, some of these have been as new tests have been added to the UUT or more information held in the file. however other changes have come about due to various project phases. This is because the ATML Test Description is a living document. and at any time the Test Description represent the summation of what is currently known.

Initially the UUT information identified 9 UUT Tests to confirm correct UUT behavior. Although these tests represent the initial UUT Test Requirement this information is only held using the Test Description format. So associated with the UUT information there would also be an initial Test Description containing these test.

We've ended up with a compound Test Description covering many facets of phased development. As an example file this works quite well, the same example can show and distinguish between various methods and techniques, however as a practical example it would be unlikely that the same test description would contain the various phases, instead a project would tend to maintain separate configurable files for each phase and stage. e.g. maintain a separate UUT Test Requirements Test Description file rather than amalgamate this with the other test e.g. performance test

The Test Description appears to contain a lot of the same information described in UUT description. It should be noted that the information in test Description is filtered to be what is required for testing. As an example if specific interface pins are not used or UUT errors not identified then they should be missing from the test description even thought hey are described in UUT description. It would therefore be expected that Test Description is always a subset of what is defined in UUT Description. As the information relates to what is available from the UUT and actually being used as part of the test description.