OSA-RTS Demonstration Overview

This note provides a general over view of the OSA-RTS Demonstration.

The purpose of the Demonstration is to show how an ATML (IEEE 1671.1) TPS can be utilised through 3 different development and/or runtime environments using OSA-RTS components, namely:

  • LabWindows/CVII program using TestStand
  • LabVIEW using TestStand
  • TPL using a C host program (CVI for simplicity)

The same ATML TPS is used for all 3 variants.

Instructions are provided to take the ATML TPS through each stage of the build processes, utilizing the components of the OSA-RTS and the appropriate COTS Tools (note that download links are also provided to access supporting COTS software which can be installed with Trial/Evaluation licences).

Execution of the final build executables all produce trace statements (utilizing simulated source and measurement devices). These trace statements can be captured in “Dbgview.exe” (included as part of Sysinternals). Note that the same trace/results are also automatically saved to a log file “CodeModule.TSIA.log”. When TestStand is used to control the execution sequence its session results are automatically saved to an IEEE-1636.1 xml results file.

Verification of each of the runtimes can be achieved by comparing the trace/results captured (and saved) as detailed in the applicable instruction set with the relevant local “DebugTrace(master).LOG” files.